Thursday, 1. December 2016, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”

Porträts Silva, Parker, Lytton, Schlippenbach

Paul Lytton (GB/D) – drums
Evan Parker (GB) – saxophones
Alex von Schlippenbach – piano
Alan Silva (USA) – electronics

The Schlippenbach-Trio: “three musicians who have worked together as a trio for around forty-five (!) years, constantly striving via the process of spontaneous playing to develop something which will be perceived as essential and important, possessing a ‘valid’ quality despite its transient existence. (…) The trio’s magic chemistry is founded on years of working together, both on intuitive listening and interaction – the ability to respond in an instant – and on the match between their characters, each adding to he whole as well as challenging each other – a stroke of fortune. (…) The motto is: never stay still, keep refinig the music, working on the details, the current, the inner strength, so that the result is the greatest joy and clarity possible. (Bert Noglik, translation: Steph Morris)

In this concert, the trio is working together with Alan Silva, one of the important musicians of Creative Jazz and improvised music. He is primarily known as magnificent double bass player, but has turned to electronics a few years ago.

With this performance in exploratorium the Schlippenbach-Trio will start is annual “Winterreise”. The cooperation with Alan Silva will only happen in this concert!

Eintritt: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduced / “Berlin-Pass”)

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