Releasing Creativity and Transforming Stage Fright

29. April – 1. May 2016


Whenever we create, just like in other areas of our lives, some things happen that do not go along with our intentions.  The unintentional aspects of the music we make – the unwanted note, the cracked voice, the strange sound we try to avoid, the rhythmic problem we cannot erase even after hours of practice – contain more wisdom than we think.  They are intimations of parts of ourselves, and of our music, that lie beyond our awareness.  Exploring the unintentional with curiosity and love can help us to tap into the wellsprings of our deepest creativity, and make our music, and ultimately our lives, more authentic, meaningful, and original.

Whether we are improvising, composing, or playing written music, when we follow the unintentional we are always improvising. When we open ourselves to the music that is trying to be born, then the mystery can express itself through us. Life becomes an improvisation as we fluidly shift our identity and expression from moment to moment.

The symptoms of stage fright — fear, anxiety, blankness, forgetfulness, sweating, inner criticism, shaking fingers, beating heart, etc. — can turn our music into misery. But if we explore and unfold them with curiosity and love, these same “problems” can lead us to our deepest creativity, our most authentic expression, and our most poignant musicality.

On Friday Lane will set the stage by telling stories and working with a participant. On Saturday we will learn to notice and follow Unintentional Music. On Sunday we will learn to unfold the symptoms of stage fright. Through demonstrations, practical exercises, discussion, and play, we will discover first hand how to transform our music and ourselves.

Unintentional Music works equally well with the voice, any instrument, and any style of (written or improvised) music.  Please bring your instruments and voices, as well as a sense of adventure and curiosity.

The workshop will be in English.

Unterrichtssprache Englisch, Übersetzung ins Deutsche möglich.

Maximum participants: 40


Class times:

Fri 18 – 21 h, Sat 10 – 13 & 14:30 – 17:30 h, Sun 11 – 14 h


200 Euro / 150 Euro,
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52,

Last day of registration 17. April 2016

Lane Arye is part of the FOCUS EMPATHY conference 2016 and will offer a Supervision Lab on Monday, 25th April      

Individual Session with Lane: Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th, 2016. Contact Lane


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