Dear friends of improvisation,

welcome to the website of the exploratorium berlin, venue for improvised music and creative music pedagogy. Musical improvisation, as well as improvisation in the other arts – movement, theater etc. –, is the focus of our work here.
Experiencing freely improvised, experimental music live, learning to improvise (even without previous knowledge!), building on existing experience in improvisation, learning concepts of improvisation adapted to different target groups, meeting others who are interested in improvisation and conversing in free play, reflecting on improvisation within the context of special events, and reading about it in a small specialized library: all these things are possible at the exploratorium berlin.

We offer a large range of weekend workshops, continuous courses and continuous ensembles.
We organize concerts every two or three weeks presenting musicians from the international improvisation community.
Alongside, there is a number of sessions of improvisation, from the Open Stage to our Intercultural Music Pool, from the Offhandopera to our Impro Session U12 – many of them for free. Our library provides most of the specialist literature that has been written on the topic of improvisation. We offer accompanying events connecting theory and research with improvisatory practice.


Our new program for the period from September 2017 to January 2018 is online and can be viewed from now via the menu “Events”.Our  program flyer with overview and calendar is available for download as a pdf file, please click on the title page.

We have again invited exciting guests, including prominent names such as the pianist Keith Tippett and the southafrikan drummer Louis Moholo-Moholo, who will perform in the duo on 28. September.
British saxophonist Evan Parker is our guest for the special workshop taking place in combination with a previous concert, which he will play together with two younger very original drummers. These and all other high-profile concert ensembles can be found in the concert-overview.

For the workshops we have again gained some very capable new facilitators, such as the dancers Minako Seki and Bettina Mainz, violinist Biliana Voutchkova and Ney-player Tayfun Guttstadt, who offers improvisation in oriental music. Further new offerings are available for the topics “Deep Listening”, silence, experimental music theatre and supervision for facilitators. In addition, we offer numerous workshops that have proved to be successful in the past. All these are listed in the workshop-overview.

Finally I would like to point out our numerous open stages as well as the events on theory & research, our continuous courses and the currently nine (!) continuous ensembles, some of which are still looking for new members.

Enjoy a look through our offerings, and we hope you discover something exciting

Matthias Schwabe & the team from the exploratorium berlin


The exploratorium berlin is a project of the Lilli-Friedemann-Stiftung for improvised music and creative music pedagogy.

For more information on the exploratorium, you can also visit Wikipedia.