“DEEP LISTENING” – studygroup

Extending sound awareness following the practice of Pauline Oliveros

22. – 23. September 2017, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Deep Listening studygroup

In the course of my current training at the Deep Listening Institute NY, I would like to invite you to get to know Pauline Oliveros’s deep listening practice. 

Wind Experience For Woodwinds

23. – 24. September 2017, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Wind Experience für Holzbläser – Workshop mit Ulrike Lentz

„Wind Experience“ is a method, developed by Ulrike Lentz, on the basis of which it is possible to expand playing- and expressionpossibilities on wind instruments.weiterlesen

Tuning into Context – The Metaphor of the Garden

Body of Becoming – Amerta Movement

6. – 8. Oktober 2017, Facilitator: Bettina Mainz

No Matter what we do, we are constantly surrounded and permeated by all kind of structures. They can be subtle or tangible, like sound and body or feeling and object. The relation or our resonance with them informs our being in the world.weiterlesen

Improvising the Oriental Way – Practical Introduction to Makam Basics

Practical Introduction to Makam Basics

21. – 22. October 2017, Facilitator: Tayfun Guttstadt

Improvising oriental music - workshop with Tayfun Guttstadt

A Makam, the basic concept of all oriental music, is more than a scale. It includes rules of how to make use of the notes given. When these rules are followed very different feelings can be created with the same scales or notes.
We will improvise together, starting with just a few notes and then, following the rules of the respective makam, broaden the range. By doing this, we will develop new ideas of how to use the whole range of our scale and/or instrument and explore the richness of even single notes. weiterlesen

Musical Stories

How to create Suspense and Surprise

28. – 29. October 2017, Facilitator: Richard Doust

ws_Musical stories

What is it about some concerts that keeps us excited, moved, enthralled, intrigued or even on the edge of our seats ? How do we actually listen to a developing musical idea ? Is music like a story? To ask all these questions (and possibly uncover some answers), I invite you to join me on a weekend journey into the ‘storiness’ of music.weiterlesen

Experimental Painting – on paper

4. – 5. November 2017, Facilitator: Linda Scheckel

Experimentelles Malen – Workshop mit Linda ScheckelMy starting point in visual artistic work is always a spontaneous impulse. This takes and carries me before ordering thoughts can raise objections: a smell, a movement, a fragment of visual, acoustic or other kind. I want to give in to this subjectively perceived part of the world and I want to trick myself before the ifs, ands or buts are coming!

Free Improvisation with Evan Parker

11. – 12. November 2017, Facilitator: Evan Parker

„Parker is one of the giants of improvised music, with a career that stretches back to the dawn of the music in the mid sixties. But he is always pushing forward, and appears in a wide variety of contexts from solo performances up to large ensembles such as the London Improvisers Orchestra and the Dedication Orchestra.“ (John Eyles in All about Jazz 2003)weiterlesen

Neue Klangbewegungsfolgen for voice and movement

17. – 19. November 2017, Facilitators: Ulrike Sowodniok & Anna Weißenfels

Neue Klangbewegungsfolgen for voice and movement

In our western society dancing and singing are often considered to be isolated forms of expression. This workshop is about the similarities between voice and movement exploring the larynx and its features as the central organ for movement and vocalisation. Within vocal and physical improvisation we will connect external and internal movements. weiterlesen

Present-Time Composition 2

25. – 26. November 2017, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Present Time Composition – workshop with Alan Bern

Present Time Composition © (PTC) is a special approach to improvised music developed by Alan Bern. Music created with PTC combines the spontaneity of free jazz with the structural clarity of composed music. weiterlesen

Dancing the Qualia – Seeing, Listening, Skin-sensation

8. – 10. December 2017, Facilitator: Minako Seki

workshop with Minako Seki

Perception is unique and subjective and you never know if two persons will perceive the same or not. This uniqueness makes our works and expressions special and gives a lot of power to our body language.
I would like to open experimentation on consciously perceiving our environment and using this material for dance and creation.weiterlesen

Improvisation im „Folk-Music-Style“

9. – 10. Dezember 2017, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Improvisation in folk-music style – workshop with Alan Bern

In many folk music traditions, to be able to improvise variations based on simple melodies or harmonies is the mark of the master musician. Trading back-and-forth different ways to vary a melody is one of the great joys of playing with other musicians.weiterlesen

voice lab

The voice as a sound instrument – the instrument as a voice

12. – 14. Januar 2018, Facilitator: Ute Wassermann


In this workshop participants experience their voice as a versatile, extreme and personal sound instrument based on a vocal warm up with breathing- and articulation exercises. We develop a personalized catalogue of experimental vocal expressions which will be used in perfomance & improvisation. Various improvisational games, concepts and conducting gestures will be introduced which can be used to create solo, duetts … ensemble pieces.weiterlesen