Wednesday 11 – 14 h, every 2 weeks (Saal 1)

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Intercultural Music Pool

Musicians of different cultures and backgrounds are invited to intercultural music exchange and creative ensemble playing on the basis of free improvisation.

We would like to

  • invent a collective music made of tone, sound, noise, rhythm and language,
  • test advanced instrumental techniques and ways of interaction,
  • explore what we share artistically and learn from each other,
  • develop new forms of music practice, which are experimental, improvisational and intercultural
  • and perform in public.

Our invitation is aimed at professional and non-professional musicians of all cultures. This applies in particular to the fugitives arriving in Germany, but also to those living in Berlin for longer, with cultural roots outside Central Europe, as well as those interested from the Berlin scene. The precondition for participation is the willingness to engage in intercultural exchange and in experimental, style-transcending play.


Wednesday 11 – 14 h                                  
every two weeks


Thomas Gerwin & Dietrich Petzold


Thomas Gerwin, , (030) 39 74 17 34

Participation is free