Every 1 – 2 months on Thursday, 20 – 22 h


For all who would like to improvise a text piece with voice, instruments and movement! Suspense, drama and presence from the start! Developping the opera is already performance! Each session is a new piece! Here we have an opera-like miniature with all sorts of improvised singing and interpreting texts. Instrumentalists are invited, too and play a major role. Each Offhandopera (OHO!) is being realized with the vocal and instrumental skills and ideas of those who come. It is a situational form of music theatre and a collective creation.

The Offhandopera is directed by Reinhard Gagel using specially designed text librettos and guided improvisation animation by show of hands.

After more than 20 Offhandoperas during the last years, we now want to set up a continuous OHO!-Ensembles. For this, continuous participation is desired. Nevertheless and in particular: new and curious people are always welcome!

Next dates (September 2016 – Februar 2017):

8.9. | 4.11. | 24.11. | 5.1. | 2.2.

From March 2017 onwards the Offhandopera will be continued as an ensemble. All details can be found here.


Reinhard Gagel,
(030) 53 05 06 46,
, www.reinhard-gagel.de
continuous participation desirable

Admission free, registration not required