Extending sound awareness following the practice of Pauline Oliveros

22. – 23. September 2017, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Deep Listening studygroup

In the course of my current training at the Deep Listening Institute NY, I would like to invite you to get to know Pauline Oliveros’s deep listening practice. 

Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) was a pioneer in electronic music and has been a well-known composer and improviser. She developed DEEP LISTENING (DL) against this professional background and founded the DEEP LISTENING INSTITUTE.

The aim of the DL practice is to expand the awareness of sound. To develop and/or sensitize this consciousness goes beyond “pure” listening and we want to open up to ourselves as much as we can in each case individually.

DL is addressed not only to musicians, but to all people who are interested in development and sound; also to people without musical knowledge.

Personal music instruments are partly included, but are not a prerequisite for participation.

DL- contains the following elements:

  • Different types of listening
  • Sound meditations
  • Field Recording
  • Deep listening in dreams
  • Deep Listening Pieces by P.Oliveros
  • Body work, movement improvisation
  • Meditative walking
  • Rhythm Circle

Following the DL-studygroup, “Wind Experience” can be booked for woodwinds. It´s also possible to book the DL- studygroup or the Wind-Workshop seperatly



Class time:

Fri 17:30- 21:00
Sat 10:30 – 14:00


„Deep Listening“ study group: 30 – 60 Euro
Deep Listening + Wind Experience: 120 Euro
Deposit required


Ulrike Lentz, (0561) 45004133

Last day of registration: 9. September 2017


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