Die Stimme als Spiel-Instrument des persönlichen Ausdrucks

Vokalimprovisation für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

7. – 8. Juli 2018, Facilitator: Christian Wolz

The human voice is the most immediate signal for the mental and physical condition of the individual. Therefore, the development of your own vocal possibilities means above all an enrichment and expansion of your own personality.
The workshop is an offer for all those who are interested in experimenting with the voice and are open to the new, adventurous and unusual experiences.

Relaxation and breathing techniques as well as special vocal exercises form the basis of the vocal work.
New vocal techniques, specific listening exercises and playing with your own voice are the foundation for the workshop.

The focus is on the creative play with the voice in an improvisatory way. The personal expressive potential of your own voice can be discovered and promoted with the help of self-defined rules in solo and group games.



Class time:

Sat & Sun 10 – 17 h,


130 Euro / 110 Euro
Deposit required


Christian Wolz
(030) 399 59 66, ,

Last day of registration 23. June 2018


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