Sunday, 16.15 – 18.00 h, dates by appointment (Saal 2)

Leitung: Aida Shahidi

Fotos: privat

The Youngsters are a group of for young people from 11 years, who meet once a month on Sunday afternoons for free improvisation. New members are welcome! A trial lesson is possible.

Discovering new sound worlds, exploring instruments, finding interesting, unfamiliar sounds, traveling through musical landscapes, playing images, listening and trying out a lot with fun and adventure.

Please bring your own instruments. The exploratorium berlin also has a wide range of percussion instruments and a grand piano.

From February dates will be arranged as required. If you are interested, please contact Aida Shahidi.




by appointment
sun 16.15 – 18 h
Please contact Aida Shahidi, if you are interested!

Admission free, donations welcome


Aida Shahidi,