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Mansoor Hosseini

Diese Kurzbiographie gibt es leider nur auf Englisch.

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Mansoor Hosseini

is composer and instructor, specialized in improvisation and multidisciplinary art forms such as music theater, dance theater and other combinations that concern music.

He has studied music, theater and movements in Paris conservatory, Brussels conservatory and Gothenburg University, and worked with different art forms since 2000.
He also studied film music at Gothenburg University and script writing at Gothenburg film University.

As an improvisor he started as a percussionist, fascinated by spontaneous creation of sound, performing with diverse musicians and ensembles. Both within avant-garde style and world music. In other words, he applied his improvisation ideas in several music forms. He later used the system of improvisation in some of his notated contemporary compositions, writing different notations to encourage the musician to improvise according a given structure. A sort of controlled improvisation. This lead Hosseini to give lectures and workshops about notation, improvisation and composition, and mostly about communication from one musician to another and with the space around them.

For his teaching and compositions Mansoor has gained several scholarships and prizes from Swedish Arts Grants (Konstnärsnämnden), Swedish Arts Council (Statens Kulturråd), Music Developement & Heritage Committee, Nordic Culture Foundation, Sweden-Finland Culture Fund (Svensk-Finsk kulturfond), Society of Swedish Composers, Gothenburg City Cultural Committee and more. Swedish Culture prize 2014.