The format Labor – Lectures on Improvisation is aimed at musicians scientists  workshop and ensemble participants listeners. The goal is the joint public exploration of special topics of improvisation. Specialists scientists, musicians, performers are invited to some of the Labor events, while in others we focus on topics that are discussed as well as practically improvised.

Dates until the end of 2019:

Labor – Lectures on Improvisation #22: Mimesis and Musical Construction
Thursday, 7. November 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)
Lecture, experiments and discussions with CHICO MELLO and Reinhard Gagel

Labor special – Lectures on Improvisation #23: Improvisation and Society
Thursday, 21. November 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)
Improvised lecture by HARALD WELZER

Past events of the Labor-series can be found here.