4. May 2019, Facilitators: Simon Rose (baritone saxophone) & Ingo Reulecke (dance)

Simon Rose (baritone saxophone) and Ingo Reulecke (dance) perform in duo and countless other projects. Both are extremely experienced mediators and active in artistic research.

The session is open to musicians and dancers as well as interested people of all disciplines.

We will work on basic key issues like

  • Trust
  • Integration of the body
  • Collaboration
  • Perception
  • Improvisation as an aesthetic practice
  • Intention
  • Process and
  • Aspect of performance

The practice-oriented session will work on embodying these themes and engage with the character of the group. Special knowledge is not required.

We teach in German and English.


Simon Rose & Ingo Reulecke

Class time:

Sat 11 – 18 (with lunch break)


70 Euro / 50 Euro reduced
Deposit required


, 0177 – 495 06 60


until 18. April 2019 by form


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