A night for a debut, for an idea, for an experiment

“Frei Tag Abend meets chile”

Friday, 23. August 2019, 20 h  (Saal 1)

With the new event format Frei Tag Abend, we invite improvising musicians and performers

  • to present new ensembles
  • to realize ideas for the first time
  • to explore new ways presentation

“Frei Tag Abend meets chile”

Tomás González is a Chilean singer-songwriter, composer and actor known in the independent scene for his originality and the mixture of different elements: classical, African, Brazilian, Latin …

His lyrics have a high poetic quality, a strong political and social meaning, and tell of man from a universal point of view. His album “Orangután” was nominated for the best album in Chile. He works as a workshop leader, music teacher for actors, and he is a member of the theater group “Teatro Anónimo” (screenings in Europe and Chile)

For his presentation in the exploratorium berlin he will combine his musical solo repertoire with improvisations. Tomás will improvise with Nicolás Lorenzini (DJ, electronic musician), Matteo Citarella (saxophonist and actor) and Julieta Figueroa (actress / choreographer)


Julieta Figueroa, Chilean actress.  She studied choreography at the Ernst Busch University in Berlin and works for theater, dance and film in Germany and Chile.  In addition, she develops her own dance productions and improvisations with dancers, musicians and video artists.




Mateo Citarella , Chilean actor and musician.  He works for film and theater.  Member of the theater group “Teatro Anónimo”.


Nicolás Lorenzini, Chilean musician and psychoanalyst.  Founder of the label Gata Recs of the Talcatrance Festival and organizer of the program “Música de Máquinas” (Machine Music).  He has participated in “The Function – London” as artist in residence.

Entry on donation basis

Information for ensembles interested in performing:

The concerts can be arranged at short notice for “free Fridays”, in which no events are planned in the exploratorium.
They are announced in the newsletter and on the website of the exploratorium. In addition, the artists themselves advertise their performance.
The use of the hall is free, as is entrance.
We offer a planning discussion in advance, in order to develop ideas and possibilities of realization.

Frank Fiedler,   



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