Concert for the whole family with the ensemble SAROTTI INSTANT as part of the festival Klang der Dinge

Sunday, 8. September 2019, 15 h (Location: Schaubude Berlin,

Ensemble Sarotti Instant: Tatjana Bielke – musical saw, voice | Eglof Berger – electronics | Peter Czekay – trumpet | Claudia Hartmann – voice, percussion | Hendrik Rüßmann – piano | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola | all: sound objects

The ensemble for free improvisation SAROTTI INSTANT was founded in 2007 in the exploratorium berlin. Since 2015 the ensemble has been developing forms of play that involve children in various ways, for example through musical quizzes or the co-determination of different ensembles or even musical processes. After the concert, the audience can explore many of the sound resources themselves.

Admission: 7,70 / 6,60 / 5,50  Euro (Normal price / reduced / children)



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