A night for a debut, for an idea, for an experiment

The Lilly-Trio

Friday, 20. September 2019, 20 h (Saal 2)

With the new event format Frei Tag Abend, we invite improvising musicians and performers

  • to present new ensembles
  • to realize ideas for the first time
  • to explore new ways presentation


The Lilly-Trio


For many years Ulla Weber, Tim Florence and Dietmar Herriger have been on stage together in various formations and are also colleagues as teachers. The line-up, however, has been renewed in 2018. Together they cover a long list of instruments, their main instruments being the voice (Ulla), the piano (Tim) and various woodwind instruments (Dietmar).

All three have studied classical music, for the simple reason that there were only classically oriented courses at that time. All three were and are active in classical, jazz and blues music. However, free improvisation is their great passion and the music of the Lilly Trio is avant-garde in the best sense of the word. Atonality and tonality are allowed to mix and give birth to new ideas. Quotes from various genres are welcome and creatively processed, with analog and digital sounds, unplugged and electronic. Soundscapes emerge and allow journeys through a rich inner world of images.

Admission on donation basis


Information for ensembles interested in performing:

The concerts can be arranged at short notice for “free Fridays”, in which no events are planned in the exploratorium.
They are announced in the newsletter and on the website of the exploratorium. In addition, the artists themselves advertise their performance.
The use of the hall is free, as is entrance.
We offer a planning discussion in advance, in order to develop ideas and possibilities of realization.

Frank Fiedler,   



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