Exhibition with gouaches by Doris Kollmann, inspired by the workshop of Maggie Nicols

From Tuesday, 1.10.19, in foyer 2 of the exploratorium berlin (staircase D)

Opening at 19.30 h with the Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin


In March 2019, painter Doris Kollmann participated in the explo workshop “Whatever arises – Practices of Freedom” with Maggie Nichols. The intense experience in the group, the incredible energy and profound wisdom of Maggie Nicols’ were like a treasure the artist took to the studio. On the basis of recordings of the workshop, she was once again immersed in these improvisations. The gouaches combine remembrance, reflection and free improvisation on paper.

Opening Tuesday 1.10.19 19.30 h
with a performance of the Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin