A night for a debut, for an idea, for an experiment

The Macrobiotics Duo mit Vito Cassano und Meltem Nil

Friday, 18. October 2019, 20 h (Saal 2)

With the new event format Frei Tag Abend, we invite improvising musicians and performers

  • to present new ensembles
  • to realize ideas for the first time
  • to explore new ways presentation


The Macrobiotics Duo mit Vito Cassano und Meltem Nil


Vito plays the piano, Meltem performs. In the duo his vivacious playing meets her movements and voice.

They create a realtime composition with cinematic and narrative elements as well as experimental, abstract structures in a combination of concert, dance and theater.

The name Macrobiotics contains the priciples of two opposite, necessary and complementary energies, where the existence of one depends on the existence of the other. It refers to the Yin and Yang symbol, the harmony and interaction of these energies.

Admission on donation basis

Information for ensembles interested in performing:

The concerts can be arranged at short notice for “free Fridays”, in which no events are planned in the exploratorium.
They are announced in the newsletter and on the website of the exploratorium. In addition, the artists themselves advertise their performance.
The use of the hall is free, as is entrance.
We offer a planning discussion in advance, in order to develop ideas and possibilities of realization.

Frank Fiedler,   



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