26. – 27. October 2019, Facilitator: Susanne Brian

The ritual of Authentic Movement and Voice offers you a powerful space which invites you to access your creative resources as well as the individual and collective unconscious and facilitates a deep contact to silence. Movements and sounds emerging from that silence can be surprising and extraordinary as well as simple and effortless – a journey through different spheres, a discovery of possibilities reaching far beyond the personal, relating us back with our primordial being and our knowledge of healing.

The clear structure of the Authentic Ritual, the time arrangement, the power of the energetic circle, the witnesses who attend the events regardfully and compassionately and the concluding feed-back-circle offer a safe and trustful space. In this space anything that wants to emerge from the moment can actually be expressed. The feed-back-situation opens the opportunity to become conscious of and integrate the experiences and anything that has arisen from the subconscious.

Mostly we move with closed eyes and without music. Diving into the inner space and freeing ourselves from judgement happens easier without visually referring to the outside. Leaving out music and, thus, a tendency for mood and rhythm, enhances listening to our own impulses. Attending and witnessing ourselves and others in authentic expression can be a touching and inspiring experience.

The Authentic ritual is initiated by a warm-up, leading us into the body, the voice and the awareness of the moment.

This Workshop is as well an introduction to the practice of authentic movement for newcomers – who just need to have an affnity to movement expression and daring the unknown (no dancer’s skills necessary) – as it will be a deepening of the practice for those, who are already experienced in AM.




Class time:

Sat + Sun 11 – 18 h


140 Euro / reduced 120 Euro
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Susanne Brian, 0177 – 526 49 12, , www.susannebrian.com


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