Compositional thinking as a control of improvisation

New date: 26. – 27. October 2019, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Present Time Composition – workshop with Alan Bern

Present Time Composition © (PTC) is a special approach to improvised music developed by Alan Bern. Music created with PTC combines the spontaneity of free jazz with the structural clarity of composed music.

In a step-by-step process that is literally consciousness-raising, musicians learn to recognize and act on their pre-musical impulses, then, with this knowledge in hand, to develop more and more complex musical structures while always remaining anchored to the level of impulse.

The philosophy and method of PTC are deeply informed by cognitive science, but the results are nothing less than breathtaking music. Alan Bern has taught PTC in music conservatories, institutes, festivals and to ensembles in Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Canada and the USA.

This introductory workshop is open to all technically proficient musicians. No prior experience with improvisation is required. Participants of former PTC workshops are welcome.


Class time

Sat & Sun 10 – 13, 15 – 18 h


120 Euro / 100 Euro reduced
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52,


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