23. 24. November 2019, Facilitator: Ariane Jeßulat

This weekend workshop is for everyone who wants to learn polyphonic vocal improvisation in Renaissance style. Historic solmization, practice and canon techniques are taught after historic methods of the 15th – 17th century. Participation with instruments is welcome.

Although it seems rather impossible to improvise in the polyphonic style of Josquin, Ockeghem, di Lasso, and Palestrina, some basics are quite easy to learn and sound very well in a group of more than three singers. It´s astonishing that the group behavior while improvising in this style is really similar to free improvisation.



Class times:

Sat + Sun 11 – 14 h | 15 – 17 h


100 Euro / reduced 80 Euro
Deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52,


until 9. November 2019 by form

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