6. – 8. December 2019, Facilitator: John Russell

“For me the emphasis is on both the philosophy of improvisation and the practical aspect of playing and listening. Rather than say this is what the music is I try to open doors to allow the participants to discover more and develop their musicality together.”

John Russell has been part of the British Free Jazz scene since the early 70th. In addition to his performative work, he has given workshops around the UK, in Italy, Germany, Brazil, Taiwan and Denmark.

Some more topics which might turn up in the workshop:

  • Understanding free improvisation as performers and audience
  • Some ideas on creative listening and the development of playing skills
  • The importance of a practical approach and its relation to theory
  • The individual and the group
  • Making things happen

The workshop will end with a concert of all participants on Sunday.

This workshop in English language is meant for people who are experienced (though not necessarily professional) in improvised music. All instruments and voice are welcome.

John Russell will give a concert in exploratorium with Isidora Edwards (Vc) and Biliana Voutchkova (Vl) on Thursday, December 5, 20 h.


Class time:

Fri 18 – 21 h | Sat 10 – 13 and 14.30 – 17.30 h | Sun 11 – 15 h


150 Euro / 130 Euro reduced
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52,


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