On Mondays, 19 – 21.30 h, about every 2 weeks, start 20. August

Alle Wetter is a self-organized ensemble. Our work focuses on the cooperation and interaction of different fields of improvisation. There are no fixed roles; every member can play in every field. We change our positions constantly and dynamically. By combining the competences and experiences of every member, we discover, evolve and explore new constellations of stage improvising.

 Reinhild Kuhn // Mata Riejahl // Katja Staub // Rainer Stolz


Mon, 19 – 21.30 h, about every 2 weeks


Contribution by appointment


Rainer Stolz, (030) 21 99 64 76,
Katja Staub, 0179 – 74 37 134,