Nineteen Pieces of Improvised Music

Class 5A and Ariel Shibolet (artistic facilitator)

edited by nurnichtnur
5 A (CD) - 19 Pieces of Improvised Music

“The music on this CD was recorded on 24th – 25th March after two workshops, a week each in 28th February – 4th March 2011 and 19th – 23rd March 2012 by 10 – 11 years old children with no prior instrumental experience. We were playing, listening and learning about improvisation all day long and the children were free of other tasks.

These workshops, especially the second, in 2012 was very special to me. It was a human experience of the highest level: musically, intellectually, socially and spritually. The attentiveness to the music and to one another, the quality of concentrration, the friendship and the feeling of a utopic society was an amazing experience, one that rarely happens in life. This work raises questions and thoughts about music and improvisation, about learning processes, methods and models of teaching improvisation, about education and human society.”

Ariel Shibolet in the booklet

“What listening to this CD brings about for sure: For the participating children the horizon widened in regard to what all may gain aesthetic value in terms of music. And also this CD refers to a way of teaching that arouses the need in the pupils to become musically active themselves – in a playful, improvising, composing and refl ective way.”

Hans Schneider, Prof. of Music Education at der University of Music, Freiburg (Germany)



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