Informations for musicians and ensembles who want to play

in the concert series Improvisation International

Improvisation International is a series which presents musicians and ensembles of the international scene of experimental improvised music.
We are primarily interested in the creative synergy between several people; therefore, we prefer to invite ensembles rather than soloists.
For jazz improvisation we are the wrong place!

Please send applications via mail to

Mathias Maschat

or via letter:

exploratorium berlin
z. Hd. Mathias Maschat
Mehringdamm 55
10961 Berlin Germany

The application has to contain audio-(or video-) files, either on CD or via internet link.
The sent by post materials can not be returned.



We plan long term!

The documents for our 1st half-year program (February to July) are needed until
31st August of the preceding year.

The documents for the 2nd half-year program (September-January) are needed until
31st January of the same year.