Musique concrète

Tuesday, 20.15 – 21.45 h, start 26. February 2018, Facilitator: Thomas Gerwin

Foto: Sergej HorovitzContinuous course in German language. For more details see German description.

Feldenkrais + Improvisation

On Wednesdays, 18.15 – 19.45 h, Facilitator: Dragana Cukavac

1. course from 9. January 2019, 2. course from 8. May 2019

Feldenkrais + Improvisation

Continuous Course in German language. For more details see German version.

Vocal Improvisation

Unfolding the Potentials of your Voice

Wednesdays, 20 – 21.30 h, starting 23. January 2019, Facilitator: Christian Wolz

Continuous course in German langugae. For details see German version.

Explore Just Intonation through graphic software interface

Thursdays, 15 – 18 h, start 28. February 2019, Facilitator: Robin Hayward


The Hayward Tuning Vine is a microtonal software interface for the intuitive exploration of Just Intonation. Through colour-coding and spatialising both harmonic and melodic relationships, tuning relationships become readily available that might otherwise appear abstract and mathematical.weiterlesen

Mirkaledo – String Course

Improvisation für strings – violin / viola / cello / double bass
and any other string instruments which can be played with bow

Sat, 11 – 14 h, once per month, facilitator: Simon Jakob Drees

In German language. For details see German version.