My Monthly Makam

Monthly meeting for Makam-Music and Improvisation

every 4th Sunday, 12 – 14 h, Facilitator: Tayfun Guttstadt, is cancelled from October!

Welcome to our monthly meeting for makam-based improvisation!weiterlesen

Spielend Musik erfinden

for children from 7 – 10

Mondays, 17 – 18 h, starting from 8. October 2018, Facilitator: Aida Shahidi

Continuous course in German language. For details see German version.

Stimmen am Nachmittag

Discover the expressive potential of your own voice

On Wednesdays, 16 – 17.30 h, starting 12. September, Facilitator: Christian Wolz

Continuous course in German langugae. For details see German version.

Feldenkrais + Improvisation

On Wednesdays, 18.15 – 19.45 h, Facilitator: Dragana Cukavac

1. course from 5th September 2018, 2. course from 9th January 2019

Feldenkrais + ImprovisationContinuous Course in German language. For more details see German version.

Vocal Improvisation

Unfolding the Potentials of your Voice

On Wednesdays, 20 – 21.30 h, Facilitator: Christian Wolz

Course 1: starting 12. September 2018, course 2: starting 23. January 2019

Continuous course in German langugae. For details see German version.

Explore Just Intonation through graphic software interface

Thursdays, 15 – 18 h, starting from 1. November 2018, Facilitator: Robin Hayward


The Hayward Tuning Vine is a microtonal software interface for the intuitive exploration of Just Intonation. Through colour-coding and spatialising both harmonic and melodic relationships, tuning relationships become readily available that might otherwise appear abstract and mathematical.weiterlesen

Klangraum // Stimme

Open choral improvisation

On Saturdays, 19 – 20.30 h, once a month from 13.10., Facilitator: Ulrike Sowodniok & guests

Klangraum Stimme – vocal improvisation with Ulrike Sowodniok

We play with the overlapping of our vocal sounds. Simultaneously we can explore the internal dynamics of the choral sounds, its resonances and transformative potential within our own body spaces.weiterlesen

Mirkaledo – String Course

Improvisation für strings – violin / viola / cello / double bass
and any other string instruments which can be played with bow

Sat, 11 – 14 h, once per month, facilitator: Simon Jakob Drees

In German language. For details see German version.