Present Time Composition 1

Compositional thinking as a control of improvisation

New date: 26. – 27. October 2019, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Present Time Composition – workshop with Alan Bern

Present Time Composition © (PTC) is a special approach to improvised music developed by Alan Bern. Music created with PTC combines the spontaneity of free jazz with the structural clarity of composed music.


Deep Listening and Free Improvisation

From conscious perception to free play

9. – 10. November 2019, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Deep Listening studygroup

The dream of free play is probably as old as humanity’s dream of flying. The big difference: to crash in free game is harmless. In this workshop, we refine our perceptions, find clear impulses, and experience how we can confide in the inner formative power that forms in and with the group context.weiterlesen

Super Librum Cantare – Polyphonic Renaissance Improvisation

23. 24. November 2019, Facilitator: Ariane Jeßulat

This weekend workshop is for everyone who wants to learn polyphonic vocal improvisation in Renaissance style. Historic solmization, practice and canon techniques are taught after historic methods of the 15th – 17th century. Participation with instruments is welcome.weiterlesen

Free Improvisation with John Russell

6. – 8. December 2019, Facilitator: John Russell

“For me the emphasis is on both the philosophy of improvisation and the practical aspect of playing and listening. Rather than say this is what the music is I try to open doors to allow the participants to discover more and develop their musicality together.”weiterlesen

Seki Method Workshop

13. – 15. December 2019, Facilitator: Minako Seki

The Minako Seki Method departs from imagination and the endless possibilities of it. Through imagination we can connect consciousness with unconsciousness, as well as micro cosmos with macro cosmos. Imagination is our creative impulse and our motor for artistic expression. During the workshop we use the power of imagination as a main source, to evoke our senses and create natural quality in the physical principles of movement.weiterlesen

voiceLab – The Voice as Sound Instrument

3. – 5. January 2020, Facilitator: Ute Wassermann


In this workshop based on playful exercises in breathing, resonance and articulation, the participants experience their voice as a versatile sound instrument and develop their own catalog of unusual and experimental vocal expressions.


Amerta Movement_for musicians and movers

Hearing the melody of movement, its silence and its noise – Amerta opens space for subtlety in movement.

10. – 12. Januar 2020, Facilitator: Michael Dick, Bettina Mainz

After an introduction to Amerta Movement last year, we are happy to offer a sequel.
Movement as an essential principle of vitality also interweaves our bodies as sound. Movement carries us far beyond ourselves as resonance and thus opens the field for communication and interaction.weiterlesen