Improvisation between earth and sky

The Five Elements of Dance Improvisation

29. – 31. März 2019, Facilitator: Jean Laurent Sasportes


The body as an energy mediator between earth and sky?
Shape, movement, timing, space – and the small flower?
The body as an instrument and the “what”, “when”, “where”, “how”

These terms are explored in a dance workshop that Jean Laurent Sasportes offers in the exploratorium.


The Other Music Academy (OMA) Improvisation Project

as guest @ exploratorium berlin

Tuesday – Saturday, 23. – 27. April 2019

The Weimar-based OMA Improvisation Project returns to the Berlin Exploratorium for a five-day, intensive workshop on Alan Bern’s Present-Time Composition (PTC) and Isabelle Marx’s Voice/Body/Awareness work.weiterlesen

Improvisation: in Music, Dance and Elsewhere

4. May 2019, Facilitators: Simon Rose (baritone saxophone) & Ingo Reulicke (dance)

Simon Rose (baritone saxophone) and Ingo Reulecke (dance) perform in duo and countless other projects. Both are extremely experienced mediators and active in artistic research.


I Sound … – Workshop for Vocal Improvisers

Free Vocal (Solo) Improvisation with Lutes / Sounds / Noises / Lyrics

17. – 19. May 2019, Facilitator: Agnes Heginger


How do I sound?
When do I sound how?
And why should I even?
Do I want to sound or is hush and silence also part of my expression?
What does “authentic” mean?
How do I connect with / to myself?


My Life Myth – My Life Melody – My Music

A Deep Democracy Music Workshop

17. – 19. May 2019, Facilitator: Magdalena Schatzmann


In the background of our early childhood memories or childhood dreams hide the life melody of our individual life path. This is our life myth that never leaves us and that we forget at most now and then. But it is always there as a polar  tension between two mostly diverging energies. The breakdown of this polarity, the play with these contrasts, refreshes and deepens our music.


The Flexible Attention in Free Improvisation

14. – 16. June 2019, Facilitator: Wolfgang Schliemann

In ensemble improvisation there are many different attitudes – not only between the improvising persons, but also those between which a person can change during an improvisation. Which attitudes this can be, if and how these can complement or exclude, will be explored in this workshop.


Flute Vision

Improvisationswerkstatt Querflöte

22. – 23. Juni 2019, Facilitator: Klaus Holsten

WS_Flute Vision

Workshop in German language. For details see German version.