Open stage

Exhibition with gouaches by Doris Kollmann, inspired by the workshop of Maggie Nicols

From Tuesday, 1.10.19, in foyer 2 of the exploratorium berlin (staircase D)

Opening at 19.30 h with the Whathappensnext-Ensemble Berlin


In March 2019, painter Doris Kollmann participated in the explo workshop “Whatever arises – Practices of Freedom” with Maggie Nichols. The intense experience in the group, the incredible energy and profound wisdom of Maggie Nicols’ were like a treasure the artist took to the studio. On the basis of recordings of the workshop, she was once again immersed in these improvisations. The gouaches combine remembrance, reflection and free improvisation on paper.weiterlesen

ensemble explorativ

Saturday, 12. October 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series explorations

Susanne Brian – dance, voice | Simon Jakob Drees – violin, voice | Corinna Eikmeier – Cello | Thomas Gerwin – percussion, objects, electronics | Ulrike Lentz – flutes | Annemarie Michel – piano, sound objects | Ingo Reulecke – dance | Linda Scheckel – visual art | Janine Schneider – dance | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola, sound objects | Rainer Stolz – words, voice | Christian Wolz – voice

Improvisation in music, dance, poetry und visual arts: Once every year the ensemble explorativ brings together teachers from the exploratorium berlin live on stage – as a large ensemble as well as in small groups.


Mondolettosottoilcorvo & Fine Kwiatkowski

Thursday, 24. October 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Fine Kwiatkowski – dance, video
Gandolfo Pagano (IT) – guitar, electronics
Willehad Grafenhorst – bass, electronics, video

If there is a dancer who stands for dance and free improvisation, then it is Fine Kwiatkowski! Since the 1980s, she has been working intensively with a large number of the most well-known contemporary improvisation musicians and constantly designs her own projects. Since then, she has consistently developed an individual dance and movement language in which improvisation is at the center of attention. In 2003 she founded the multimedia art project cri du coeur with musician and composer Willehad Grafenhorst. And it was likewise him who founded the duo Mondolettosottoilcorvo in 2018 with the Sicilian guitarist Gandolfo Pagano. The Live-Film-Dance-Music-Performance about a Sicilian grotto is their first collaboration as a trio.


Parole: Sound Poetry and Music

Thursday 14. November 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Günter Christmann – cello, trombone
Michael Griener – percussion
Elke Schipper – concept, texts, composition, voice

Parole is since 1984 title of the sound poetry programs of Elke Schipper, which are performed as work-in-progress. Over the course of time, more and more new texts and pieces have been added, and there were different constellations with musicians. After almost every performance, texts and pieces are reworked, so that there are big differences between a version from 1990 and the one from 2019 under the same title.


Frei Tag Abend – exploring stage

A night for a debut, for an idea, for an experiment

moving structures III – Das Ende

Improvisation für Stimme, Mikrofone und Computer

Friday, 29. November 2019, 20 h (studio 1)


Edwards – Russell – Voutchkova

Thursday, 5. December 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Isidora Edwards (CL) – cello
John Russell (GB) – guitar
Biliana Voutchkova (BG/DE) – violin

The Chilean cellist Isidora Edwards is the link in this new trio: She played in duo with both the British guitarist John Russell and with the Bulgarian-German violinist Biliana Voutchkova. This led to the idea of ​​a merger as an ensemble, which is premiered at exploratorium.


WEISS-RAUM Offhandopera

Thursday, 19. December 2019, 19.30 h (Saal 1)


Adhoc text music format for voices & instruments, solo / choral

The Offhandopera Ensemble Berlin and other contributors invent, speak, sing and play.
Director: Reinhard Gagel

So Seet

Thursday, 16. January 2020, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Sofia Jernberg (NO) – voice
Sebastian Gramss (DE) – doublebass
Etienne Nillesen (NL) – prepared snare drum

In this trio, the award-winning Swedish-Ethiopian singer Sofia Jernberg, the exceptional Cologne bassist Sebastian Gramss and the specialist for prepared snare drum Etienne Nillesen meet for a liberated and liberating dialogue. The three musicians have been working together for a long time, most recently in a cooperation of the Double Bass Orchestra BASSMASSE in Cologne.


Sound and Lecture – Improvisation in Dialogue

N° 14: International Symbiosis

Concert interspersed with discourses

Friday, 31. January 2020, 20 h (Saal 1)

International symbiosis is an icon for a spontaneous ensemble made up of musicians who meet for the symposium Current Research on Improvisation in the days following the concert.