Tony Oxley & Stefan Hölker

Sunday, 7. April 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Tony Oxley (GB/DE) – electronics
Stefan Hölker – percussion

Tony Oxley is famous as a drummer and congenial partner of free jazz legend Cecil Taylor. Less known is his work as an electronic musician, which he presents together with the percussionist Stefan Hölker at exploratorium.


speak easy xtended

Saturday, 25. Mai 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Ute Wassermann – voice
Phil Minton (GB) – voice
Thomas Lehn (AT/DE) – analogue synthesizer
Martin Blume – drums, percussion
Magda Mayas – piano
Liz Allbee (US/DE) – trumpet

Since 2008, the high-calibre quartet speak easy has successfully collaborated with the two vocalists Phil Minton and Ute Wassermann as well as Thomas Lehn on analog synthesizer and drummer and percussionist Martin Blume. Now they play a jubilee concert for the 15th birthday of exploratorium.