ensemble explorativ

Sunday, 8. October 2017, 20 h

Series “explorations”

ensemble explorativ – teachers of the exploratorium live on stageFrank Fiedler – percussion || Thomas Gerwin – electronics, percussion || Ulrike Lentz – flutes || Annemarie Michel – piano, percussion || Wolfgang Schliemann – drums, percussion || Janine Schneider – dance || Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola, percussion || Aida Shahidi – voice, percussion || Rainer Stolz – words, voiceweiterlesen

Phillips – Smith – Sommer

Sunday, 16. July 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”

Barre Phillips (USA/F) – double bass
Wadada Leo Smith (USA) – trumpet
Günter Baby Sommer – drums

It is going to be a very special reunion! 12 years after their legendary concert with standing ovations at the Total Music Meeting 2005, they can beheard as trio again: Barre Phillips, improvising mastermind on the double bass, Wadada Leo Smith, American trumpeter, who was celebrated by the press at the Berlin Jazz Festival in 2016, and drummer Günter Baby Sommer from Dresden, long-time duo partner of Smith and one of the most important representatives of contemporary European jazz.
In the exploratorium, they meet as a trio for the first time after many years.weiterlesen

Drouet – Frith – Sclavis

Thursday, 29. June 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International” – Tickets nur noch an der Abendkasse erhältlich! –


Jean-Pierre Drouet (F) – percussion
Fred Frith (GB) – guitar
Louis Sclavis (F) – clarinet, bass clarinet

“This trio not only manages to hold the listener´s attention, but to capture it. There is such a diversity of sound, a rich and invigorating palette, and a fascinating range created that interest never wanes. This is free improv all the way, but the journey is not simple nor the results haphazard. The strategies employed appear to be the consequence of the concentrated discipline that incorporates focused melodic interplay, harmonic sophistication, and sustained development. Every moment is filled with awesome wonder, the kind that wraps the listener in a phantasmagorical wonderland of mythical proportions, cleaving to the clarinet, merging, and expanding possibilities.”
Steven Loewy, in: Cadence Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 8, August 2001


Nashaz // Maggiore & Malatesta

Thursday, 1. June 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”


Andrea Neumann – inside piano, mixing desk
Sharif Sehnaoui (LIBN) – guitar
Michael Thieke – clarinet
Michael Vorfeld – percussion

Nashaz was founded in 2013 by three musicians of the Berlin “Echtzeitmusik”-scene, Andrea Neumann, Michael Vorfeld and Michael Thieke together with the guitarist Sharif Sehnaoui, based in Beirut. Sehnaoui is the founder of the Beirut Irtijal Festival and a central figure of the expanding scene of experimental music in Lebanon. In 2014, the quartet recorded its first album, which was published on Al Maslakh Records.
Their music explores the wide field of experimental music with a focus on the nuances and microcosmic details of the sound. There are always discreet tones of different musical genres such as spectral or electronic music, but also repetitive minimal music, which, like shadows, integrate into the fine-tuned musical network.

“Through subtle interplay and teamwork in the classical sense, the natives of Nashaz generate a sound cosmos that unfolds its entire tenderness in detail as well as in the overall phonological construct.”
Freistil (Austria) 10/2016


Maggiore & Malatesta

Luciano Maggiore (I) – speakers, playback devices
Enrico Malatesta (I) – objects

Luciano Maggiore and Enrico Malatesta based their work on the development of polyrhythmic and multi material sounds for an electro acoustic set. The duo uses percussion instruments, playback devices and different kinds of speakers, delving into a dynamic attitude which often reaches silence; here the sonic activity of the performance space and the musicians’ action penetrate into complex micro rhythmic layers in which gesture, material, soundscape and dynamics of the event plays a central role.weiterlesen

Flashmob I – II – III

Sunday, 28. May 2017

Flashmob I: 15 h – Naturpark Südgelände, Viadukt at entrance Prellerweg / S Priesterweg

Flashmob II: 17.30 h – Hall of station S Lichterfelde Ost

Flashmob III: 20 h – Oberbaumbrücke, starting on the western side


Series “explorations”


Flashmob Klang-Ensemble: Ines Bellaliz || Ruth Brüns || Frank Fiedler || Ruth Grünbaum || Christine Kucera-Waldmann || Gabriela Oehring || Matthias Schwabe (Leitung) || Bettina Senoner || Aida Shahidi
Anna Barth TanzArt Ensemble: Barbara Bachinger || Anna Barth (Leitung) || Saras Feijoo || Susanne Hermann || Kea Regina Pantel || Nicole Silbermann


PEDESIS // The Elks

Thursday, 11. Mai 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”


Tom Arthurs (GB) – trumpet
Markus Pesonen (FIN) – guitar
Biliana Voutchkova (BUL) – violin

A micro-orchestral experience of infinitesimal variation and crystal-clear complexity, three internationally renowned performer-composers congregate in Berlin. Spectral stretches and filigraine augmentations – captivating, surprising, moving.




Liz Albee (USA) – trumpet
Kai Fagaschinski – clarinet
Billy Roisz (A) – electronics, e-bass
Marta Zapparoli (I) – electronics, tape recorders

Beware, those Elks are exploiting their instruments for no good. While Marta and Billy seem to have gotten it all wrong regarding their very strange collection of machinery, it’s just a careless abuse how Liz and Kai handle their horns. It really bums me out, that people actually pay to see this. What a complete and utter waste.


Sunday, 23. April 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”


Nathan Bontrager (USA) – violoncello
Elisabeth Coudoux – violoncello
Nora Krahl – violoncello
Hugues Vincent (F) – violoncello



Thursday, 30. March 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”

Satoko Fujii (J) – piano
Sophie Agnel (F) – piano
Natsuki Tamura (J) – trumpet
Christian Pruvost (F) – trumpet
Peter Orins (F) – drums
Didier Lasserre (F) – drums


Unusual sounds – EARable music

Concert for the whole family N°4

Friday, 24. March 2017, 17 h

Series “family concerts”

3 Konzertfotos Familienkonzert 2015

Ensemble Sarotti Instant:
Eglof Berger – electronics | Miriam Bondy – voice, percussion | Wulf Essen – flue, voice | Claudia Hartmann – voice, percussion | Kathrin von Kieseritzky – saxophone | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola | Frank Zimmermann – cello | Elisabeth Zündel – piano, voice


Sound and Lecture – Improvisation in Dialogue

No9: Alterations – Into The Maelstrom

Thursday, 9. March 2017, 20 h


Steve Beresford (GB) – piano, keyboards, objects
Peter Cusack (GB) – acoustic guitar, field recordings
Terry Day (GB) – drums, bamboo pipes, objects
David Toop (GB) – electric guitar, bass, flutes, objects


Ernst – Klement – Stangl

Sunday, 12. Februar 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”


Katharina Ernst (A) – percussion
Katharina Klement (A) – piano
Burkhard Stangl (A) – e-guitar


Kammerensemble ad hoc

Thursday, 12. January 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”
Konzertfoto des Kammerensemble ADHOC

Ivo Berg – recorder || Torsten Bloedhorn – e–guitar || Thomas Gerwin – percussion, electronics, banjo || Klaus Janek – double bass, electronics || Claudia Risch – flute, saxophone || Biliana Voutchkova – violin ||Uygur Vural – cello