Tony Oxley & Stefan Hölker

Sunday, 7. April 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Tony Oxley (GB/DE) – electronics
Stefan Hölker – percussion

Tony Oxley is famous as a drummer and congenial partner of free jazz legend Cecil Taylor. Less known is his work as an electronic musician, which he presents together with the percussionist Stefan Hölker at exploratorium.


Trio Generations

Friday, 15. March 2019, 20 h (Saal 1) – change of programme!

Series “Improvisation International”

Maggie Nicols (GB) – voice, tap-dance
Lisa Ullén (SE) – piano
Matilda Rolfsson (SE/NO) – bass drum, percussion

Because Lisa Ullén had to cancel at short notice, the concert will take place with the following line-up:

  • Set 1: Duo Generations: Maggie Nicols & Matilda Rolfsson
  • Set 2: Duo Generations & Joel Grip (double bass)

Trio Generations are three free-improvising musicians from three different generations, all of them being important key figures in their respective cultural environments: The famous UK singer Maggie Nicols (*1948), pianist Lisa Ullén (*1964) from the core of Sweden’s improvisation scene and Swedish percussionist Matilda Rolfsson (* 1987) on whose initiative the band met 2016 in London for the first time.


Welche Farbe hat ein Pfiff? Und wie klingt die spitze Ecke?

Saturday, 2. March 2019, 15 h (Saal 1)  – has to be cancelled

Pupils of the  Johann-Strauß Primary School in Hellersdorf-Marzahn present results of the project series neuronet.

Facilitators: Kathrin von Kieseritzky (musician) und Ynez  de Zilón (visual artist, sound artist)weiterlesen

Sound and Lecture – Improvisation im Dialog

Nº 12: [Tradition(en): Zerlegt & Zusammen: Gesetz] ensemble ɛkstʁaktə

Concert interspersed with discourse

Friday, 1. Februar 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Sandeep Bhagwati (IN/DE/CA) – musical direction | Sören Birke – blues harmonica, duduk | Gene Coleman (US/DE) (Gast) – bass clarinet | Klaus Janek – double bass, live electronics | Ji-eun Kang (KR) – Haegeum | Margret Köll –  baroque harp | Deniza Popova (BG/DE) – (bulgarian) chant |  Ravi Srinivasan (IN/MY) – hindustani chant, tabla, whistles | Hong Yoo (KR) – deageum, changgu

Do we actually stop to develop our listening? Do we always hear the same thing, even when we listen to foreign music? What is foreign music anyway? In a concert we want to explore these questions sensually and verbally.


Sestetto Internazionale

Thursday, 17. January 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Sestetto Internazionale

Alison Blunt (GB) – violin
Achim Kaufmann – piano
Veli Kujala (FI) – microtone accordion
Gianni Mimmo (IT) – soprano saxophone
Ignaz Schick – turntables, objects
Harri Sjöström (FI/DE) – soprano and sopranino saxophone

Absolutely unusual lined up sextet, Sestetto Internazionale delivers intriguing inventive, fresher, refined instant compositions. Brilliant interplay, intriguing inner voices and tone nuance declinations are the sincere output of Sestetto Internazionale featuring some of the most innovative voices in the contemporary improvised music scene. Contemporary flavours, subtle narrations, detailed soundscapes and chamber music elegance in an engaging performance.


EMIR meets Berlin friends

Sunday, 16. December 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

SeriesImprovisation International”

Ensemble de Musique Improvisée en Résidence (EMIR) (FR) meets Berlin friends and other guests

Laurent Charles – saxophone | Emmanuel Cremer – cello | Gérard Fabbiani – bass clarinet | Charles Fichaux – percussion | Lionel Garcin – saxophone | György Kurtág jr. (HU) – synthesizer

Berlin friends:
Rudi Fischerlehner – drums, percussion | Reinhard Gagel – piano, accordion | Emilio Gordoa – vibraphone | Brad Henkel – trumpet | Hui-Chun Lin – cello | Klaus Kürvers – double bass | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola, objects | Biliana Voutchkova – violin | Ute Wassermann – voice | Håvard Wiik – piano

Further guests:
Vlatko Kucan (BA/DE) – clarinet, saxophone | Philippe Lemon – saxophone

The EMIR music collective is active in the improvisation scene and was founded in the early 2000s as part of the Autour de l’Improvisation meeting initiated by double bass player Barre Phillips. For a few days, it comes to exploratorium for a residence to meet Berlin musicians, with whom they also play the concert.


David Moss // duo-mono-lith

Thursday, 29. November 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

David Moss
David Moss (US/DE) – voice

David Moss – voice
Boris Hegenbart – electronics

David Moss – singer, drummer, performer, composer – is considered one of the most innovative soloists in contemporary music. He first performs a solo and then plays with the electronics musician Boris Hegenbart in their duo-mono-lith.


Tiger Trio

Sunday, 11. November, 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Joëlle Léandre (FR) – contrabass
Myra Melford (US) – piano
Nicole Mitchell (US) – flute

The three improvisation masters Joëlle Léandre, Nicole Mitchell and Myra Melford have been forming the Tiger Trio for several years now. Their music is disciplined and focused; and their interaction is based on mutual understanding and unifying team spirit – unlike their name Tiger Trio or even the title of their album unleashed it may suggest.


The People Band

Sunday, 14. October 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Terry Day – drums, percussion
Mike Figgis – trumpet, flugelhorn, electric guitar
Charlie Hart – double bass, electric bass, violin
George Khan – saxophones, flute
Paul Jolly – bass clarinet, saxophones, flute
Davey Payne – saxophones, flute

Six original members of the legendary British People Band are coming to exploratorium berlin and arouse their “anarchic energies and radical turbulence” with their “unfettered approach to improvising” (The Wire)!


Globe Unity Orchestra

Thursday, 27. September 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Henrik Walsdorff – alto saxophone | Rudi Mahall – clarinet, bass clarinet | Axel Dörner – trumpet | Tomasz Dabrowski (PL/DK) – trumpet | Christof Thewes – trombone | Gerhard Gschlößl – trombone | Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano, direction | Tristan Honsinger (NL/DE) – cello | Oliver Steidle – drums

After having welcomed the legendary Schlippenbach Trio several times in the past, the famous Globe Unity Orchestra is now playing for the first time in the exploratorium berlin!


Iana // Owl

Sunday, 9. September 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Promising are already the names of the two duos Iana and Owl. The pianist duo Iana (by Christine Wodrascka and Betty Hovette) is named after the Roman god Ianus, who stands for duality as well as for origin and end, openness and communication. The duo Owl (by Karl Bjorå and Signe Emmeluth) is named after the owl as a symbol of wisdom.


ensemble explorativ

Saturday, 25. August 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “explorations”

Simon Jakob Drees – violin, voice | Frank Fiedler – percussion | Thomas Gerwin – percussion, objects, electronics | Tayfun Guttstadt – ney | Klaus Holsten – flutes | Bettina Mainz – dance | Alexander Piper – percussion, objects, piano | Linda Scheckel – visual art | Janine Schneider – dance | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola, percussion | Aida Shahidi – percussion, objects, voice | Rainer Stolz – words, voiceweiterlesen

Ensemble X

Sunday, 6. May 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Tiziana Bertoncini (IT) – vl | Uli Boettcher – electr | Xavier Charles (F) – cl | Elisabeth Coudoux – vc | Nicolas Desmarchelier (F) – git | Markus Eichenberger (CH) – cl | Carl Ludwig Hübsch – tub | Harald Kimmig – vl | Dirk Marwedel – prep sax | Matthias Muche – tb | Uli Phillip – db | Angelika Sheridan – fl | Olivier Toulemonde (F) – obj | Michael Vorfeld – perc | Eiko Yamada – rec | Philip Zoubek (A) – p


Unusual sounds – EARable music

Concert for the whole family N°5

Friday, 20, April 2018, 17 h (Saal 1)

Series “family concerts”

Ensemble Sarotti Instant: Tatjana Bielke – musical saw, voice | Eglof Berger – electronics | Miriam Bondy – voice, percussion | Wulf Essen – flue, voice | Claudia Hartmann – voice, percussion | Kathrin von Kieseritzky – saxophone | Matthias Schwabe – flute, viola | Frank Zimmermann – cello


ZIMT & Kai Fagaschinski – please notice change of program

Sunday, 4. March 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Angélica Castelló (MEX/A) – paetzolds
Kai Fagaschinski – clarinet
Andrea Neumann – inside piano
Burkhard Stangl (A) – guitars

The artistic exchange between Vienna and Berlin has a long tradition, so in the scene of free improvised music. This concert presents four musicians from the international improvisational scene, two living in Vienna and two living in Berlin. All of them know each other from numerous contexts. Here, they meet first time in this new quartet cast.

The originally announced ZIMT ensemble can not perform as two members of the ensemble had to cancel at short notice for urgent reasons.weiterlesen

Sound and Lecture – Improvisation in Dialogue

No10: Multi-Minded Multiphonics –
The Wuppertal Improvisation Orchestra (WIO)

concert and talk

Friday, 2. February 2018, 20 h

the Wuppertal Improvisation Orchestra (WIO)

Gregor Bohnensack  – trombone | Tobias Brügge – saxofone | Dušica Cajlan-Wissel – piano | Mark Charig – alto horn | Pacho Dávila – saxofones | Gunda Gottschalk – violin | Iouri Grankin – voice | Stefanie Heine – baritone-saxofone | Mitch Heinrich – voice | Erhard Hirt – guitar, electronics | Paul Hubweber – trombone | Christoph Irmer – violin | Matthias Kaiser – violin | Brigitte Küpper – voice | Pinguin Moschner – tuba | Joker Nies – electronics | Dietrich Rauschtenberger – drums | Marei Seuthe  – violoncello | Jürgen Tauchert – e-bass | Ute Völker – Accordeon | Norbert Zajac – voice

We are many. But how do we coordinate? How do we make decisions? How do we come to a sound worn by all? What distinguishes a large improvisational ensemble from other musical great forms? weiterlesen


Sunday, 14. January 2018, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”

sound improvisations with 6ix

Jacques Demierre (CH) – piano
Thomas Lehn (D) – analog synthesizer
Urs Leimgruber (CH) – saxophone
Hannah Marshall (GB) – violincello
Dorothea Schürch (CH) – voice, singing saw
Roger Turner (GB) – percussion