Other Voices, Other Rooms

Vocal improvisation and reflection

16. – 18. March 2018, Facilitator: Marianne Schuppe

The voice, with its ability to move fluently between sound, word and tone, and all its associated semantic grades and spaces, faces us with very specific choices.weiterlesen

Improvising the Oriental Way – Practical Introduction to Makam Basics

Practical Introduction to Makam Basics

3. – 4. March 2018, Facilitator: Tayfun Guttstadt

A Makam, the basic concept of all oriental music, is more than a scale. It includes rules of how to make use of the notes given. When these rules are followed very different feelings can be created with the same scales or notes.
We will improvise together, starting with just a few notes and then, following the rules of the respective makam, broaden the range. By doing this, we will develop new ideas of how to use the whole range of our scale and/or instrument and explore the richness of even single notes. weiterlesen

voice lab

The voice as a sound instrument – the instrument as a voice

12. – 14. Januar 2018, Facilitator: Ute Wassermann


In this workshop participants experience their voice as a versatile, extreme and personal sound instrument based on a vocal warm up with breathing- and articulation exercises. We develop a personalized catalogue of experimental vocal expressions which will be used in perfomance & improvisation. Various improvisational games, concepts and conducting gestures will be introduced which can be used to create solo, duetts … ensemble pieces.weiterlesen