Present Time Composition 1

Compositional thinking as a control of improvisation

23. – 24. March 2019, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Present Time Composition – workshop with Alan Bern

Present Time Composition © (PTC) is a special approach to improvised music developed by Alan Bern. Music created with PTC combines the spontaneity of free jazz with the structural clarity of composed music.


Whatever Arises – Practices of Freedom

16. – 17. March 2019, Facilitator: Maggie Nicols


Whatever level of experience you may have I use creative exercises which facilitate a safe and inspiring group dynamic and remind us of the power of ‘beginner’s mind.
I share practices of freedom which enable us to tap into our creative potential and express ourselves more fully, individually and collectively.
There will be opportunities for discussion and reflections on the social implications of improvised music as a way of communicating more freely and nurturing authentic ways of being.
In our different rhythms together, we co create social virtuosity.

All instruments and voice welcome!


Klezmer Music & Nigunim 1 – The Heart of Yiddish Melody

9. – 10. March 2019, Facilitator: Alan Bern


Today’s klezmer music goes back to the repertoire of professional, Ashkenazi (Yiddish-speaking) Jews in Eastern Europe. A strongly emotional music, it includes both listening and dance genres. It draws from and gives back to the musical traditions of neighboring cultures. 


The Physicality of Sound

23. – 24. February 2019, Facilitator: Biliana Voutchkova

the physicality of sound – sound improvisation with Biliana Voutchkova

The workshop explores the various ways of sound production in close relation to the physical aspect of the musicians movement.


voiceLab – The Voice as Sound Instrument

25. – 27. Januar 2019, Facilitator: Ute Wassermann


In this workshop based on playful exercises in breathing, resonance and articulation, the participants experience their voice as a versatile sound instrument and develop their own catalog of unusual and experimental vocal expressions.


Improvisation im „Folk Music-Style“

8. – 9. December 2018, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Improvisation in folk-music style – workshop with Alan Bern

In many folk music traditions, to be able to improvise variations based on simple melodies or harmonies is the mark of the master musician. Trading back-and-forth different ways to vary a melody is one of the great joys of playing with other musicians.weiterlesen

The Three Questions: A Workshop for Improvisers

30. November 2. December 2018, Facilitator: David Moss

  1. Have you ever thought of playing ………… this?
  2. Do you know what surprised me in your solo?
  3. Could you make this one change in your performance?

Improvising is a combination of muscles, air, passion, mind, timing and instrument (or object or body or voice …).  And our solos are the personal but powerful compositional dances of surprise and desire that can take us in and out of our music. 


Vocal Adventures

Vocal Workshop on perception and the creative processes of time, tone, noise, melody …

16. – 18. November 2018, Facilitator: Lauren Newton

Lauren Newton works with the participants, based on her experience in various Jazz styles, on extended vocal techniques that go far beyond just song singing. The vocal spectrum becomes more tangible through free improvisation, allowing the vocalist endless possibilities for creating individual and fascinating music.


Wind Experience für Bläser

3. – 4. November 2018, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Wind Experience für Holzbläser

“Wind Experience” is a method developed by Ulrike Lentz for woodwind. It enables you to expand the possibilities of playing and expression on your own instrument.weiterlesen

Experimental Painting – on paper!

3. – 4. November 2018, Facilitator: Linda Scheckel

Experimentelles Malen – Workshop mit Linda Scheckel

My starting point in visual artistic work is always a spontaneous impulse. This takes and carries me before ordering thoughts can raise objections: a smell, a movement, a fragment of visual, acoustic or other kind. I want to give in to this subjectively perceived part of the world and I want to trick myself before the ifs, ands or buts are coming!

Deep Listening

Extending sound awareness following the practice of Pauline Oliveros

2. – 3. November 2018, Facilitator: Ulrike Lentz

Deep Listening studygroup

Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016) was a pioneer in electronic music and has been a well-known composer and improviser. She developed DEEP LISTENING (DL) against this professional background and founded the DEEP LISTENING INSTITUTE. The aim of the DL practice is to expand the awareness of sound. To develop and/or sensitize this consciousness goes beyond “pure” listening and we want to open up to ourselves as much as we can in each case individually.weiterlesen

Present Time Composition 2 – Form & Textur(e)

20. – 21. October 2018, Facilitator: Alan Bern

Present Time Composition – workshop with Alan Bern

Present Time Composition © (PTC) is a special approach to improvised music developed by Alan Bern. Music created with PTC combines the spontaneity of free jazz with the structural clarity of composed music. weiterlesen

Improvising the Oriental Way

Practical Introduction to Makam Basics

6. – 7. October 2018 2018, Facilitator: Tayfun Guttstadt

A Makam, the basic concept of all oriental music, is more than a scale. It includes rules of how to make use of the notes given. When these rules are followed, very different feelings can be created with the same scales or notes.



28. – 30. September 2018, Leitung: Elisabeth Zündel

Workshop in German language. For details see German version.

Dancing Between – Exploration Between Two Poles

14. – 16. September 2018, Facilitator: Minako Seki

workshop with Minako Seki

In the workshop Dancing Between we will do a research on the existence between two poles, two facets that conform our being: remembering and forgetting, intuition and consciousness, front body and back body, standing and walking, black and white, strong and delicate, fast and slow, ying and yang. Or just between two physical points.weiterlesen

Vocal Games

The Voice as an Instrument of Personal Expression

Vocal improvisation for beginners and advanced

7. – 8. Juli 2018, Facilitator: Christian Wolz

The human voice is the most immediate signal for the mental and physical condition of the individual. Therefore, the development of your own vocal possibilities means above all an enrichment and expansion of your own personality.weiterlesen

Flute Vision

Improvisationswerkstatt Querflöte

30. Juni – 1. Juli 2018, facilitator: Klaus Holsten

WS_Flute Vision

Workshop in German language. For details see German version.