Flute Vision

Improvisationswerkstatt Querflöte

24. – 25. Juni 2017

WS_Flute Vision
Workshop in German language. For details see German version.

Musical Mind in Motion

Thursday, 25. May 2017, 15 – 18 h


This musical improvisation session is for use of simple body movements that create the actual music, and the music that inspires the bodymovement. The lines of the body walking, jumping, sitting etc give an idea of melodic line or just inspiration and a basic help to improvise.

Position of body gives certain character or feeling to the person which effects the breathing and the mind which effects the result of your playing
or at least how you play it. A certain body position may make you feel weaker, confident, at ease or uncomfortable which manipulates your mind and therefore the character of the music you play.

The class is for all instruments and voices of all levels. For musicians, actors and dancers.

Class will be given in English


Class times:

Thursday 15 – 18 h


30 Euro / 25 Euro


exploratorium berlin, (030) 84 72 10 52,
Last date of registration: 11. May 2017


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Go to He…aven!

Ascension command for sounds & movement

25. – 28. May 2017


3-day workshop in Garbicz / Poland on the topic “Space Exploration”

& 3 final flashmob performances in Berlin

With this project, we want to refer to our 12 hour experiment 43200 seconds from May 2015. This time, we will focus on the topic of “exploration of space”, with which we will deal in quite different places. How can we artistically approach a place considering its individual potentials of sound, architecture, history, atmosphere and association?

This question will be dealt with during a three-day workshop (Thu – Sat), which takes place in the Polish village of Garbicz, 30 km behind the German-Polish border, in a house surrounded by beautiful nature with a great bathing lake close by. On Sunday, we will present our explorations at three unusual locations in Berlin doing Flashmob-Performances.

Our offer is aimed at people with previous experience in musical improvisation, preferably through a minimum of six months’ participation in one of the regular explo-ensembles or through a corresponding workshop experience.
As an interdisciplinary cooperation partner, Anna Barths TanzArt-Ensemble will participate in the project.



Anna Barth (dance) & Matthias Schwabe (music)

Class time:

Workshop: Thursday 12 h until Saturday night
Performances in Berlin on Sunday
 exact dates will be published short term


120 Euro / 100 Euro
plus 65€  for food & lodging in Garbicz/Poland
deposit required


Matthias Schwabe, (030) 84 72 10 50, ,

Last day of registration 4. May 2017

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Spill it out! – From sound to text

Free vocal (solo) improvisation with sounds / noises / lyrics

19. – 21. Mai 2017


  • Discover your own sound possibilities
  • Free-experimental settings of text material (poems, newspaper excerpts, receipts, etc., also self-compiled poems or similar can be brought along)
  • Singing knowledge; exercises for body, breath and voice
  • Creative handling of improvisation instructions
  • Experiencing the direct connection between “mood” and “voice”, deliberately influencing both through exercises, playful-creative experiments, ad hoc musical pieces and / or performances

This course offers easy and playful ways to gain abilities in singing and speaking, which can increase your artistic possibilities of expression in improvisation. You will be helped to play courageously and without prejudice with different material, in order to get new ideas at best. Vocal improvisations will take place in duos, trios, etc., also solo pieces and ensemble pieces of all participants are possible.

The workshop will be given in German, English summaries can be provided if necessary.


Class time:

Fri 17.30 – 20.30 h, Sat 10 –17 h, Sun 11 –16 h


120 Euro / 100 Euro,
deposit required


exploratorium berlin, Tel. (030) 84 72 10 52
Last date of registration: 5. May 2017

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RAW Performance

Music Creation in Heightened Body Perception

13. – 14. May 2017


An 8 hour open Workshop for sharing and encouraging dialogue and practice in embodiment and energy quality awareness and transformation.

The body systems, space, voice, movement, touch, text, time, imagination, improvisation.

  • Experiential Anatomy: Explorations of body systems which dramatically widen the range of one’s own Energetic Signature
  • Authentic Sounding – living the sound and movement as one
  • Initiation Points – points on the body activated through touch, which become the excitation points of origin for breath, movement and sound
  • Oppositions – the energized space between opposing tensions
  • Time Spectra: ways of organizing and experiencing Time. Time Fields
  • Landscapes: Setting imaginative landscapes in the mind which influence the performer’s energy qualities, colors and dynamics
  • improvisational dynamics in time, noticing moments of experience.
  • The Witness –“The Nobody who sees”
  • One-Voice: Dissolving ego control – how to blend and work with ensemble energy and dynamics
  • Sounder/Mover: explorations into the experiential joining of sounding and moving; transforming kinesthetic impressions from movement into sound.
  • The Shadow and other inter-psychic characters: performance-based embodiement forming and performing

From 1997 until 2002, at The Advanced School of Dramatic Arts, APHX, Athens, Greece, Joe Tornabene began developing and using an embodiment practice with his acting students which he calls the inter-psychic characters. The training and subsequent process is focused towards the embodiment of energy quality and its transition to the stage. The three principal inter-psychic characters are the Shadow, the Guest and the Bystander. The Main Character is the scripted stage character or its equivalent.

The workshop explorations culminate in a performance.

On May 12, 20 h, Joe Tornabene will give a lecture as introduction into his work


Class time:

Sat & Sun 11 – 13 and 14 – 16 h


110 Euro / 90 Euro
Deposit required


exploratorium berlin, (030) 84 72 10 50
Last day of registration 28. April 2017

Here you find informations about our workshops in in 2016 & 2017 .

Free space

Improvisation in ensemble

28. – 30. April 2017

WS_Ausser man tut es

Free association in collective improvisation means both the openness in dealing with the sounding and the empathic interaction of people at eye-level: musical-sound/creative and social events are inseparable.

The main focus of the workshop is the sound practice: extensive improvisation in changing small ad-hoc groups enables accuracy in playing. Reflection on this attaches weight to the key themes of the collective work.

In the tension of playing and reflecting, space opens up to the consciousness of the processes which are essential for free improvisation in the ensemble. Sensitivity to each other and collective risk-tolerance are changing themeselves and thus the dynamics of the game.

If necessary, we will experiment with improvisational models, which prescribe formal structures, but not concrete material.

The workshop is aimed at instrumentalists (including vocalists) who have basic improvisational experience and who wish to deepen it in the ensemble.



Class time:

Fri 19 – 22 h, Sat 11 – 19 h, Sun 11 – 16 h


120 Euro / 100 Euro
deposit required


Wolfgang Schliemann, (0611) 959 08 43,

or: , (030) 84 72 10 52

Last date of registration 14. April 2017

Here you find informations about workshops in in 2016 & 2017 .

Instrument building for kindergarten, school & work with refugees

One-day crash course

Saturday, 1. April 2017, 10 – 19 h 


In this workshop, under the guidance of the instrument maker and music pedagogue Stefan Roszak, simple musical instruments are being built that are similar in all musical cultures around the world (monochords, tube drums and mallets, shakers, metallophones, etc.) and which are especially suitable for being played in groups without instrumental background.weiterlesen

Lass mich spielen!

mit Körpersprache improvisieren in der Arbeit mit Kindern

25. – 26. März 2017


Workshop in German language. See German version for more details.

Improvisation between earth and sky

The five elements of dance improvisation

10. – 12. März 2017


The body as an energy mediator between earth and sky?
Shape, movement, timing, space – and the small flower?
The body as an instrument and the “what”, “when”, “where”, “how”.

These terms are explored in a dance workshop that Jean Laurent Sasportes offers in the exploratorium.weiterlesen

voice lab

The voice as a sound instrument – the instrument as a voice

06. – 08. January 2017


In this workshop based on playful exercises in breathing, resonance and articulation, the participants experience their voice as a versatile sound instrument and develop their own catalog of unusual and experimental vocal expressions. Using various improvisational concepts in space we discover individual voice characters. In addition, the participants will learn various methods of how to develop and present vocal pieces from solo to choral.weiterlesen