Reinhard Gagel

Reinhard Gagel is an improvisational musician (piano, Moog synthesizer), ensemble leader and a researcher of improvisation.

He is involved in projects for duos and ensembles together with renowned improvisational musicians, as well as radio and CD productions featuring his own ensembles. He is responsible for theory and research at the exploratorium berlin.

The main focus of his practical and theoretical work is musical improvisation as a participatory art form, lecture performances on the theory of improvisation and design and implementation of the multi-stylistic form of musical theatre known as offhand opera. He is a teacher of the ensemble subjects; musical communication, improvisational didactics and free chamber music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. Reinhard Gagel wrote his thesis on Improvisation as a social art form under the guidance of Professor Dr. Peter Röbke in Vienna.

He is chairman of the Ring für Gruppenimprovisation e.V. and associate editor of the improvisation journal improfil.

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