Ulrike Sowodniok

Singer, vocal anthropologist


Studied medicine, philosophy, Lichtenberger® applied voice physiology, opera singing, contemporary interpretation and sound studies.
Her focus is on experimental music for voice and sound environment.
Collaborations with musicians, composers and sound artists like Matthias Bauer, Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl, Mayako Kubo, Stefan Streich, Georg Katzer, Hermann Keller.
Broadcast recordings at SWR and DR Kultur.
Collaboration with dancers and choreographers in the field of voice and movement: Louise Wagner, Anna Weissenfels, Bettina Mainz and others.
Teaching activity in her own studio and at the UdK Berlin at ZIW, music therapy and sound studies.
Scientific co-operation with Doris Kolesch, Holger Schulze et al. Publications on Vocal and perceptual anthropology, 2013 Monograph “Vocal sound and freedom – on the auditive science of the body” at transcript.


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