Joe Tournabene

Baritone saxophonist, sound artist, stage and film actor, Joe Tornabene has been performing, composing, sound designing and exploring performance practice for music, dance and theatre for over 44 years.

Joe was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 46th Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece) 2005 for his role in Kyriakos Katzourakis’ film, Sweet Memory.

Two of his sound designs have been placed in the permanent collection of the
Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts in New York.

He has worked extensively in Greece with the award winning dance company Lathos Kinisi (Wrong Movement), directed by Konstantin Mihos, and with the handicapped dance company Dagipoli. He was also an actor with Theatro Technis (The Art Theatre of Greece).

Joe has taught experiential workshops and long-term courses concerned with the relationships of perception, embodiment, movement, music, sound, and improvisation in major dance, theatre and music academies in 10 countries.

Joe Tornabene currently lives in Pontarlier, France.


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