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Edwin (Eddie) Prévost

percussionist and drummer, born in England in 1942.

Co-founder in 1965 of seminal improvising ensemble AMM. Most of Prévost’s discography (AMM and other) can be found on www.matchlessrecordings.com

He occasionally lectures and writes about music.
His books are No Sound is Innocent (Copula. 1995), Minute Particulars (Copula, 2004) and The First Concert — an adaptive appraisal of a meta-music (Copula. 2011). He edited the published writings of Cornelius Cardew: Cornelius Cardew A Reader (Copula. 2006). And, subsequently published John Tilbury’s biography of Cardew: Cornelius Cardew a life unfinished (Copula. 2008).

In 1999 first convened a weekly improvisation workshop in London. So far, this has been attended by many hundreds of musicians representing over twenty different nationalities.

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