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Richard Doust

Dr. Richard Doust (UK/FR), is an English actor, musician (piano, trumpet, voice), composer and “Flow-coach”. He has a broad artistic training going from music to theatre. His main artistic training was at the Strasburg National Conservatoire, and he has also studied with the Roy Hart Theatre and for a brief period at the Psycho-Artistic Institute in Paris with Robert Wilson. He has been working with the performance company Courant d’art (Strasburg) since 1999 and in 2005 co-founded BAAL novo, an EU-funded cross-border multilingual theatre project.

Thanks to Roy Hart Theatre whole voice technique and his musical sensitivity and passion for languages, he has taken up a variety of roles in quite different stage productions. He speaks fluent English, French and German, and good colloquial Italian and Russian. His linguistic skills and his creativity together with his work on inner voices (inspired by Nathalie Goldberg whose bestseller “Writing down the bones” he translated into French in 2001) have all deepened and sharpened his feel for the processes involved in human creativity.

Richard Doust has a M.Sc in Cognitive Science and since 2008 has been researching the structures of narrative processes in text, music and movement. In 2015 he obtained a Phd on “A domain-independent model of suspense in narrative” from the Open University (UK). In addition to this he has been working since 2010 as a multi-lingual actor-coach and creativity consultant for several consulting firms. Here too he uses and trains the power of stories. Since 2009 he has been developing “Social Harmony”, a creative social approach to absorbing musical harmony based on hand gestures. Notably in the framework of the Yiddish Summer Weimar Improvisation workshops, he has already succesfully led several courses using this method.

Today he is extending this approach to be able to share his intuitions and experience about suspense, curiosity and surprise in story-like processes within the framework of musical improvisation.

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