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Simon Rose

Dr. Simon Rose is a musician, author and researcher from London, England living in Berlin, Germany. He performs on baritone and alto saxophones in diverse collaborations and as soloist. Simon also collaborates with dancers, visual artists and performers using text, mixed media, built instruments, site specific performance and more. His research interest is in creative processes and written publications include improvisation in music, education, dance, organisation, law and emotion. In his early career he worked in theatre in education and subsequently taught in schools, colleges and universities in London, UK. Much of this work was with students who have learning difficulties and this was where his interest in research began.
Publications (selected)
• Rose S.D. When law listens. Critical Studies in Improvisation. (2018)
• Rose S.D. The Lived-Experience of Improvisation: In Music Learning and Life. Intellect/ Chicago University Press, (2017).
• Rose S.D. Mutual Composing. Practice led research: Improvisation in Dance and Music. In S. Quinten & S. Schroedter (Eds.) Tanzpraxis in der Forschung – Tanz als Forschungspraxis. Bielfeld, DE: Transcript (2016).
• Rose S. D. & MacDonald R.A.R. Free improvisation and learning. In L. Papageorgi & G. Welch (Eds.), Advanced Musical Performance: Investigations in Higher Education Learning. London, UK: Ashgate (2014)
• Rose S.D. & MacDonald R.A.R. Improvisation, learning and organisation. N. Beech and C. Gilmore (Eds.), In Organising and Music: Dialogues of organisation and performance. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. (2014)
• Rose S.D. Improvisation, music and learning: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis. PhD thesis. Glasgow Caledonian University (2013) UK: Ashgate (2012)