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    • Photo credit: Selim Aksan

Tayfun Guttstadt

studied Musicology and Middle Eastern Studies in Hamburg.
He plays classical guitar, ney (an oriental reedflute) and various other instruments.
He learned Turkish-Ottoman music and makam from teachers in Istanbul and Hamburg and played live with Özlem Taner, Talipler Ensemble, Gilad Weiss, Alan Bern, various others and in many solo-concerts.
Tayfun Guttstadt specialised in making the makam-based music of the Middle East accessible and easier to understand for musicians with western education.
Since 2016 he teaches at the Humboldt University Berlin “Music of the Middle East” and gives private classes and workshops, for example at this years Yiddish Summer Weimar.
At the same time he is about to finish his M.A. in “Religion and Culture” at the Humboldt University Berlin.

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