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Judith Thimm

Judith Thimm is an actress, rhythm teacher and currently in training as a music therapist.

She has worked with children in various contexts, including leading rhythm projects in elementary school in Berlin and helping to shape theater projects in Berlin and Austria. Her main focus was on improvisation and movement performances.

In theatre improvisation she uses different approaches and always pays attention to what the children bring with them. She observes the many ideas slumbering in each one, and responds to the individual (sometimes unintentional) suggestions.
It is important to her that the children are given space for free development. Everybody is important, everybody can bring something, everything is interesting and nothing is wrong. In improvisation this space is given to try out, to be funny, to be open, to be responsive to others, to take one’s place.
Improvisation trains the ability to be sensitive to oneself and others. The work with body, voice and breathing is always fundamental, because our body is our tool and if we get to know it better, we can perceive and explore more.