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Events in the exploratorium berlin in times of Corona



For November and December 2020 there is a ban on concerts and other events with an audience, as well as on the singing of groups and dancing in closed rooms. For our other educational events the previous regulations described below do apply.


Dear guests,

for the events in the exploratorium, the following regulations currently apply to prevent corona infections.

Always, a minimum distance of 1.5 m must be maintained (exceptions: families, couples and persons living in one household)!
For this reason, we are obliged to establish fixed seating arrangements for larger events, to set up “one-way streets” for incoming and outgoing visitor traffic and to define regulations for confined spaces. We urgently ask you to observe the relevant instructions!

Furthermore the following hygiene rules apply:

  • A mouth-nose cover is mandatory for all guests until they have taken their seats.
  • All guests are requested to observe the coughing and sneezing etiquette (sneezing or coughing only in the crook of your arm).
  • Persons with recognisable symptoms of a respiratory infection will be denied access, as well as guests who are not prepared to comply with these rules.
  • All guests are requested to disinfect or thoroughly wash their hands after entering the premises. Disinfection sprays are available in the entrance and WC areas.
  • For traceability in case of virus transmission, all guests enter their name, postal address and telephone number on an attendance list. This data is kept for four weeks and then destroyed.
  • Advance registration is required for all events.
  • The rooms are ventilated regularly, ideally by cross-ventilation. Continuous external ventilation (e.g. windows on tilt or fully open) should, if possible, continue from the beginning of the rehearsal or event to the end. During physical activity (e.g. dancing), ventilation must be provided more frequently.
  • Wind instruments and singing are permitted again, but special regulations apply, which we have listed on special leaflets and at the bottom of this page.
  • For workshops with school classes, please contact us in order to adapt school-specific corona regulations to our conditions if necessary.
  • This list of hygiene measures will be clearly displayed at various locations in the exploratorium area.

We are pleased that – despite the restrictions – we are able to work again and we ask very much to observe these rules in order not to endanger this chance!

the team of the exploratorium berlin


Here you can download our complete corona hygiene concept as a pdf file (in German language):
Hygiene concept exploratorium berlin


Additional hygiene rules for wind instruments and singing

Preliminary remark: The following measures are intended to ensure that infection does not occur either through aerosols or droplet infection.

  • The use of almost all wind instruments (except transverse flutes and recorders) is considered harmless. The only problem is the resulting condensation water. The following applies here: the previously usual emptying onto the floor is not permitted. Instead, the condensation water must be collected with a cloth or a container and then disposed of safely. The cloths used to clean the instrument must also be disposed of safely.
  • For transverse flutes and recorders, half of the breathing air is released into the room under pressure. Therefore, the same precautions apply to them as for singing.
  • The most important measure for protection against aerosols is cross ventilation. In the exploratorium this can be easily achieved, especially in studio 1. Playing music with the windows open for up to 22:00 is acceptable and is therefore highly recommended.
  • To make cross-ventilation more effective, fans are available which should be placed at open windows to create an air flow.
  • Individual singers and flutists are asked to place themselves as close as possible to the airflow and to place one of the plexiglass panes between themselves and the other attendees. In addition, a distance of at least 2 m to all other persons is required.
  • For groups of singers and flutists:
    – Here too, distances of 2 m from each other must be maintained.
    – The maximum playing time is 30 minutes, after which there is a 15-minute ventilation period before a new 30-minute playing phase can take place.
    After the end of a rehearsal in which 60 minutes of singing/flute playing have been performed, the room must be ventilated crosswise for 30 minutes, after which the room must remain empty for two hours. Before starting the next rehearsal, the room must be aired for another 30 minutes.
    For November and December 2020 there is a ban on the singing of groups in closed rooms and on dancing.

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