Improvising with parents and children of 1 – 3 years

Thursdays, 11 – 11.50 h, Facilitator: Barbara Brülle

Fotos: Sergej Horovitz
With my offer I would like to go to a sound-journey with you and your children: In a nice big room with lots of instruments, the children lead us to their musical territory. We follow soft-footed observing, guiding and supporting them in their creative activity.

The parents are actively taking share, depending on the situation as listening observers or joyous teammates.

I opt out of the process if I bring a new musical idea or simply give space to what is happening.


Barbara Brülle,
Dipl. music therapist (FH)

Class time:

Thu 11 – 11.50 h


80 Euro for 10 classes (out of 12)
free trial lesson


Barbara Brülle, 0176 – 27 50 64 46,