Every 2 – 3 months on Thursday or Sunday

19 – 19.45 h, before a concert


John Cage said, “A sound is perceived as disturbing – unless you listen to it.”

R. Murray Schafer went even further in 1971 in his study The Tuning of the World and recognized the sounds of our everyday environment as essential for the well-being and even the health of human beings. To improve and stabilize the quality and balance of these regular consonances of soundscapes (sonic landscapes) is the main concern of the worldwide movement of “acoustic ecology”.

The “explo-soundwalks” are relaxed excursions into the varied “symphony of everyday life”. The group undertakes a listening journey through various interesting sounding places around the exploratorium.

The soundwalks take place before one of our concerts and will be scheduled so that all participants are back in the exploratorium in time for the concert.



Before the concert 19 – 19.45 h (please be punctual!)
Dates until January 2020:
So 11.8. | So 22.9. | Do 14.11. | Do 16.1.

Meeting point:

punctually (!), courtyard entrance C

On donation basis, registration not required