Thursdays, 15 – 18 h, start 28. February 2019, Facilitator: Robin Hayward


The Hayward Tuning Vine is a microtonal software interface for the intuitive exploration of Just Intonation. Through colour-coding and spatialising both harmonic and melodic relationships, tuning relationships become readily available that might otherwise appear abstract and mathematical.

Through trying things out, improvising and collective composing even very unusual microtonal intervals may be directly experienced. Getting to know the tuning vine software also leads to more familiarity with the general theory and practice of microtonal tuning systems.

In order to participate some basic knowledge of music theory would be advisable. By far the most important factor though is a strong desire to learn about microtonality and willingness to try stuff out together with the other participants.

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Course times:

Thursdays, 15 – 18 h
starting from 28. February 2019, 7 weeks

Course fee:

160 / 140 Euro (including licence for the tuning vine software)


Robin Hayward,
Last day of registration: 14. February 2019