Thursday, 12. January 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”
Konzertfoto des Kammerensemble ADHOC

Ivo Berg – recorder || Torsten Bloedhorn – e–guitar || Thomas Gerwin – percussion, electronics, banjo || Klaus Janek – double bass, electronics || Claudia Risch – flute, saxophone || Biliana Voutchkova – violin ||Uygur Vural – cello

The seven musicians of the ensemble are playing in sensitive correspondence and counterpoint presenting new and experimental music ad hoc, freely and with an intense feeling of the musical moment. Admitting space to the sound and to each other, sometimes the musical interaction unfolds the unheard: long suspense, short, explosive or intimate moments, approaching and removal, sound conglomerates, surfaces, lines or dots, noise-like, melodic and material structures, strangeness and fusion. Worn by this musical impetus, the ensemble usually plays free improvised music, but also interprets contemporary notations, which specify temporal structures and sound ideas, but leave plenty of room for free play at the moment.

Admission: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduces / “Berlin-Pass”)

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