Thursday, 29. June 2017, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International” – Tickets nur noch an der Abendkasse erhältlich! –


Jean-Pierre Drouet (F) – percussion
Fred Frith (GB) – guitar
Louis Sclavis (F) – clarinet, bass clarinet

“This trio not only manages to hold the listener´s attention, but to capture it. There is such a diversity of sound, a rich and invigorating palette, and a fascinating range created that interest never wanes. This is free improv all the way, but the journey is not simple nor the results haphazard. The strategies employed appear to be the consequence of the concentrated discipline that incorporates focused melodic interplay, harmonic sophistication, and sustained development. Every moment is filled with awesome wonder, the kind that wraps the listener in a phantasmagorical wonderland of mythical proportions, cleaving to the clarinet, merging, and expanding possibilities.”
Steven Loewy, in: Cadence Magazine, Vol. 27, No. 8, August 2001

Eintritt: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduced / “Berlin-Pass”)

From 30. June to 2. July Fred Frith will give a workshop on free improvised music in exploratorium


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