Sunday, 14. January 2018, 20 h

Series “Improvisation International”

sound improvisations with 6ix

Jacques Demierre (CH) – piano
Thomas Lehn (D) – analog synthesizer
Urs Leimgruber (CH) – saxophone
Hannah Marshall (GB) – violincello
Dorothea Schürch (CH) – voice, singing saw
Roger Turner (GB) – percussion

The group 6ix, artistically led by the saxophonist Urs Leimgruber and the pianist Jacques Demierre, was founded in spring 2007. Since then the group has played in Europe, USA and Canada (concerts and international festivals).

6ix consists of six musicians, who belong to the leading protagonists of the free improv-scene in Europe:

  • Urs Leimgruber has enriched and extended the saxophone sound with new playing techniques for decades.
  • Jacques Demierre has developed a unique style of playing on the piano, which never ceases to recapture sound topographies and makes us forget the physical weight of the instrument.
  • Thomas Lehn is deliberately operating with analog, electronic sounds, which allow an immediate response to the structure and design process of live music.
  • British cellist Hannah Marshall elicits sounds and emotional qualities of amazing diversity from her instrument.
  • With the voice and the musical saw, Dorothea Schürch offers a wide range of extraordinary sounds and noise, while her body becomes part of an intriguing theatrical performance.
  • Roger Turner is a British musician defying all categories, a fantastic drummer, an exciting combination of volcanic power and finely polished precision.

With 6ix, these six musicians form an ensemble that organizes sound improvisations in a differentiated way to the acoustic conditions of a room. The music improvised by 6ix is based on the prerequisites of the given space, as its spatial sound track in the use or disclosure of the acoustic potential. There is no score as in the traditional music, but a site-specific score for the musicians interpreted by the architectural context and the environment. A score that can not be separated from the music, a score that matches the performance itself.

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