Sunday, 9. September 2018, 20 h (Saal 1)

Series “Improvisation International”

Promising are already the names of the two duos Iana and Owl. The pianist duo Iana (by Christine Wodrascka and Betty Hovette) is named after the Roman god Ianus, who stands for duality as well as for origin and end, openness and communication. The duo Owl (by Karl Bjorå and Signe Emmeluth) is named after the owl as a symbol of wisdom.


Christine Wodrascka (FR) – piano
Betty Hovette (FR) – piano

Iana are the French pianists Christine Wodrascka and Betty Hovette, who presented their duo last year at the Donaueschinger Musiktage. Iana is the feminine form that the musicians have derived from the double-faced god Ianus. Their programme accordingly runs under the motto “from one extreme to another”. For them, Iana is an entity of two identities: Two opposed pianos that mix together – or oppose, and become a single sound and a material in movement. And the encounter between the two pianists puts in practice a de-partitioning of genres and musical universes. Their play is a transidiomatic de-compartmentalization research with a desire to shake up the consciousnesses, a research in which nothing is compressed. It is an invitation for beauty of austerity, a dive into the gentle unknown, in reaction to a world where everything is designed, sanitized and under control.


Karl Bjorå (NO) –  electric guitar, electronics
Signe Emmeluth (DK) – alto saxophone, electronics

Owl originates from the highly creative environment for improvised music in Trondheim and consists of Karl Bjorå, electric guitar and electronics, and Signe Emmeluth, who plays saxophone and electronics. Starting with a common interest in finding new sounds and exploring improvisational forms, Owl has evolved steadily since its formation in 2016 and has become the ideal workplace for their musical experimentations. Both members are highly regarded instrumentalists on the Scandinavian scene for jazz and improvised music, but found extended techniques and electronics to be the most constructive way of developing new shapes and sounds. As a result of this work, the duo has now been featured on more and more concert series and festivals, both in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe.

Admission: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduced / Berlin-Pass)
Reservations at or (030) 84 72 10 52.


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