Sunday, 22. September 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Dieb13 (AT) – turntables
Isabelle Duthoit (FR) – voice, clarinet
Franz Hautzinger (AT) – microtonal trumpet
Martin Tétreault (CA) – turntables

Where is the Sun takes a whirlwind of organic sounds at the crossroads of acoustics and electronics. Its alchemy is so refined that one does not know, very often, who does what.

The voice and the breath are not always where we imagine them. The electronic sounds, the white noises, the asperities of the vinyls sometimes hide in the throat, the entire vocal organ of Isabelle Duthoit and in Franz Hautzinger’s trumpet-magnifying glass, a trumpet whose breath path is amplified by the microphone. From the vinyls of Dieb13, the concrete music, the instrumental sounds appear distinctly. Martin Tétreault uses his turntables to create amazing textures, with particular and specific homemade vinyls.

The experienced musicians complement each other perfectly in their improvisations. Isabelle Duthoit is at home in contemporary and improvised music as well as in music for dance and theater. Franz Hautzinger works on the spearhead of the Austrian avant-garde scene, which brought him cooperations with international stars such as Lou Reed and John Cale, both part of the Art Rock pioneer of Velvet Underground. Dieb13 experimented since the late 1980s with tape recorders and turntables in countless formations, a. o. with the John Butcher Group. Martin Tétreault has also devoted himself to experimenting with turntables since the early 1990s.

Festival Musiques improvisées 1ère édition. Where is the sun.
Where is the Sun en concert à Sion le 23 octobre 2015

Admission: 12 / 10 / 6 Euro (normal price / reduced / Berlin-Pass)

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19 h: soundwalk with Thomas Gerwin


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