Thursday, 24. October 2019, 20 h (Saal 1)

Concert series Improvisation International

Fine Kwiatkowski – dance, video
Gandolfo Pagano (IT) – guitar, electronics
Willehad Grafenhorst – bass, electronics, video

If there is a dancer who stands for dance and free improvisation, then it is Fine Kwiatkowski! Since the 1980s, she has been working intensively with a large number of the most well-known contemporary improvisation musicians and constantly designs her own projects. Since then, she has consistently developed an individual dance and movement language in which improvisation is at the center of attention. In 2003 she founded the multimedia art project cri du coeur with musician and composer Willehad Grafenhorst. And it was likewise him who founded the duo Mondolettosottoilcorvo in 2018 with the Sicilian guitarist Gandolfo Pagano. The Live-Film-Dance-Music-Performance about a Sicilian grotto is their first collaboration as a trio.

Until the end of 2019, Fine Kwiatkowski and Willehad Grafenhorst will be exploring some of the grottos and caves in Sicily in their long-term project Lesarten, from which already resulted a first film on the subject of ‘skin’ in the Grotta della Gurfa (Alia): PERGAMENT – LesArten I – Grotte della Gurfa.

Steinblicke – LesArten II – Grotta Grattara is now their second work within the cycle. The Grotta Grattara challenged the duo cri du coeur with its very nature and finally pointed the way into a Live-Film-Dance-Music-Performance, which will be premiered at the exploratorium:



In the Grotta Grattara, the artists met creatures arisen from the rock faces, turned to stone beings. Their imagination traveled and communicated with them: “Who are these cave-beings with their twisted, interlocking, tentacle-like limbs? What do patterns and curves mean on their ‘bodies’? Where do you come from, what do you want?” A body wrapped in white, sets these beings in motion by their own movement. It tells its own story and thus provides an explanation that others would explain differently.

The two musicians of Mondolettosottoilcorvo found their own, for them very typical sound in the mingling with the sound of the grotto, which is audible only in winter. Thus an individual story emerged from the moment in which stone, body, sound find each other.

Mondolettosottoilcorvo combines the experiences of two musicians, raised in opposite regions of Europe. They met in the Madonie, in Sicily, and were surprised by the immediately noticeable synergy. Improvisation is for them a practice in which every action is brought about by mutual listening, which creates a dialogue. The musicians interact constantly, give impulses every action is at the same time the cause and effect of unforeseeable developments that create real compositions.

Siziliens GROTTEN und HÖHLEN – Trailer
Fine Kwiatkowski & Willehad Grafenhorst – Festival “Le Bruit de la Musique” 2014

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